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“Radio Out” from the selt-titled Parlour Tricks record is featured in Bakari Lebby’s interpretation of Neil LaBute’s The Shape of Things. Death Becomes Even The Maiden’s “The Only Thing I Feel for You Is the Recoil” also plays during the play’s brutal, climactic scene.

Two Beats Off Review

“An album that is post-punk in name, but not necessarily in nature- Parlour Tricks is a much needed update that breathes life into the genres fondness for sounding as cold and dead as possible. The guitar riffs are hummable and the vocal melodies, although not initially overtly ‘poppy’, will sneak their way into your psyche. All in all, a brilliant effort, a record that is instantly accessible, bringing together a myriad of post-punk influences into one well honed and danceable melting pot.”

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Scene SC’s Top 10 Albums of 2012


Parlour Tricks self-titled made the cut.

“This top 10 list shows diversity, from Modern Man’s drone, to the childlike wonder that Those Lavender Whales capture in song. From Parlour Tricks edgy rock tunes, to Heyrocco’s youthful hazy wonder, and Can’t Kids raw energy that bursts through with Soda City pride, to Latenights’ debut, an ode to loud melodic rock and soaring guitar solos.”